Looking for an Exciting Activity for Your Youngster?

Looking for an Exciting Activity for Your Youngster?

Check out our kids' martial arts classes in Ellsworth, ME

If you want your kids to stay active and fit instead of spending their time playing video games, consider signing up for ATA Tigers classes at RIOT Martial Arts. Designed for kids aged two to six, the fun and fast-paced ATA Tigers program will improve your kids' motor skills, teach them to follow directions and enhance their ability to stay focused.

Contact us today to enroll in martial arts training for kids with ATA Tigers. Our studio is conveniently located in Ellsworth, ME.

Kickstart your child's development with Martial Arts

Wouldn't it be great if your kids could learn life skills in an engaging way? That's exactly what happens during the ATA Tigers program at RIOT Martial Arts.

Martial arts training for kids can help them develop:
• Fine motor skills
• Social skills
• Self-control
• Heightened awareness of bullies and strangers
• Longer attention spans

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of participating in kids' martial arts classes? Call now to speak with a qualified instructor in Ellsworth, ME.

Why Should You Choose ATA Tigers?

The ATA Tigers program at RIOT Martial Arts in Ellsworth, ME offers preschool age children the chance to build character with essential qualities such as respect and discipline through learning martial arts. This curriculum is designed to excite and motivate children of this age group, all while instilling in them the importance of teamwork, non-violent conflict resolution, listening, and setting and achieving goals. After the ATA Tigers program, your children will walk away with increased confidence, a sense of respect, and the self-discipline needed to propel them into success in other areas of life.

Upon graduating from the ATA Tigers program at RIOT Martial Arts, the next step is the "Junior" or "Big Kid" program. Tigers' skills are rewarded by the opportunity to wear the "Big Kids" or "Karate for Kids" patch. Tigers have the ability to earn up to 8 collectible patches to display on their belts, as well as "Victory Stars."